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INTACT™ Makes Cosmoprof North American Debut

Newport Beach | July 27, 2018

New Hair Care Player Sets out to Disrupt with Breakthrough Anti-Hair Pull Technology

The first product of its kind, INTACT™ Root Securing Complex, makes its introduction to the professional beauty industry at CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas, July 29-31, 2018.

Out to create a buzz and build new partnerships at one of the most important global beauty industry events of the year, the breakthrough brand is focused on disrupting hair care with its novel formula - INTACT Root Securing Complex. Unlike anything in the marketplace, INTACT dramatically reduces hair fall and shedding caused specifically by hair pulling during salon services and at-home styling.

The proprietary formula, which is patent-pending in both the US and International markets, was developed by a team of scientists and physicians who specialize in women’s hair loss, hair thinning and hair shedding.

INTACT offers a professional strength, salon-only formula available in a backbar size that is also supported by a take-home version available in two sizes. The profit-generating, in-salon treatment carves out an entirely new category that supports ALL salon services without cannibalizing existing business. The combination of a salon treatment along with retail offerings provides a 360-degree approach to customers struggling with the concerns of hair thinning and hair fall.

With INTACT, salon professionals can provide clients with the confidence, security and level of care when hair is at its most vulnerable – keeping clients’ hair on their head, not in the brush, down the drain or on the floor.


INTACT, a division of DA Life Science, is a clinically-proven, cosmetic hair care brand focused on breakthrough solutions for women who experience hair fall, hair shedding and hair thinning. INTACT is created for solution-seeking women challenged with excessive shedding and thinning, as well as beauty conscious women who seek products proven to enhance the overall health and beauty of their hair. INTACT Root Securing Complex – the first and only product of its kind - is a patent-pending solution that helps resist hair pulling and unwanted hair shedding during salon services and at-home care and styling. Learn more at

Sabrina Little, Director of Marketing | | 949-706-9880 ext 250
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Finally, a Hair Loss Treatment that Works that Very First Time

Newport Beach | Oct 2, 2018

A new, highly effective solution to hair loss is now available with INTACT Root Securing Complex. INTACT is the first and only product that helps reduce hair pull and hair loss by fortifying the hair matrix and increasing the force it takes to pull out hair. Applied to the scalp prior to washing, INTACT activates in just 10 minutes and lasts for hours. INTACT provides defense against hair loss when it’s most vulnerable – during washing, brushing and styling.

INTACT introduces a completely different approach to treating hair fall in women opening up a new category in hair loss solutions. The proprietary, patent-pending formula was researched and developed over a span of five years by a team of doctors and dermatologists who specialize in women’s hair loss.

Outside of the natural hair growth cycle, many women experience excessive shedding due to a variety of conditions. Acute or chronic stress, crash dieting, postpartum hair loss, or a genetic predisposition are common reasons women lose their hair. In addition, day-to-day beauty practices like washing, brushing, blow-drying, styling, chemical/color processing, and wearing extensions can be a major factor in hair fall.

 “Defending the hair throughout the washing and styling process is vital as this is the exact time it is subjected to the most trauma, resulting in an abundance of lost hair in the shower, on the floor or in the hair brush,” shares Daniel Hafid, CEO of DA Life Science, makers of INTACT. “The idea that a simple application can help minimize hair loss when it is most susceptible is a game-changer.”

​INTACT Root Securing Complex can be used at home prior to washing hair and is also available in a salon professional version designed for use during client services, such as cut, color, and blow-outs to minimize hair fall.

Keep more hair on your head, not in the brush™ with INTACT. Click here to learn more about this patent-pending hair loss solution and be one of the first to experience the only beauty product proven to help reduce hair fall during salon services and at-home washing and styling. Follow or share at Instagram @intact_hair and Facebook @Intact Hair.



Sabrina Little, Director of Marketing | | 949-708-0880 ext 250

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Breakthrough Women's Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding

Every year women complain about an increase in hair shedding during the fall season, experiencing excessive hair fall when they wash, brush and style. To date, there has been a void in effective beauty solutions available to help curb this heightened hair shedding. The patent-pending science behind INTACT Root Securing Complex offers a completely different approach by increasing the force it takes to pull out hair during mechanical stress from routine beauty practices at-home and in the salon.
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